How To Organise Your Gmail Mailbox For Maximum Efficiency?

Keeping track of all your emails is a challenge. If you are using Gmail, maybe you are lucky. This productive web-mail lets you manage your emails, organise contacts and schedule appointments with Google Calendar.

When your Gmail account becomes a damn mess you just decide to do something about it. To that end, Gmail provides setup proactive filters to sort out all weird mails such as unwanted subscription, expired discount coupons and much more, so you can opt to have unimportant and read emails. Gmail Support has been studying the problem of email overload and compulsive email checking for a couple of months now, and finally they have invented an effective methodology to fix this problem for good.

Use Filtering

Gmail Filter allows you automatically categorise all email you send and receive. Moreover, if you have already created a filter, so next time when you receive any email from that sender, you will find those mails have automatically moved to subfolders you or Gmail has created. To apply filtering, always insert a prefix in those mails subject, and then create a rule for both inbound and outbound messages.

Using the Search Feature

Keeping your inbox clean also implies not overusing subfolders to organise mails. Gmail provides a search toolbar displayed at the top of your main window, this bar includes almost everything you need to easily and quickly search your emails. To use this, simply click on the bar and activate its search functions.


In simple words, flagging is a modern way to remind yourself to check if a flagged item has been done or not. A flagging can be used to remind users to check items later. You can also use this instead of marking an email as Unread.

Hope you find this blog worthy! However, if you need further assistance regarding these or other matters, you can contact Gmail Customer Support Number +61-283173468. We have a team of experts who provide minor to major all types of solutions. All you required to do is just ring a bell and your queries will be answered instantly.

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